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Novel Parkinson’s Treatment Found Effective in Treating Long-COVID

During the advanced stages of developing a novel Parkinson’s disease treatment we discovered that our treatment had a profound effect on the symptoms of Long-COVID. With the symptoms of Long-COVID closely approximating those of prodromal (early) Parkinson’s disease, we implemented a method of strategic circadian intervention to first repair sleep in Long-COVID patients. Unexpectedly, this treatment also produced marked improvement commencing within 5 days in fatigue, depression, cognitive impairment (brain fog), and anxiety. Respiratory, cardiac function and pain often improved supporting the contention that the circadian system is a critical point of attack during COVID-induced encephalitis. The astonishing result is that we set out to repair sleep in Long-COVID and we ended up repairing the entire Long-COVID spectrum. While the number of symptoms improved is an exact parallel to the effect we have observed in treating hundreds of patient’s with prodromal Parkinson’s disease, the effect was more robust and occurred quicker than that seen in Parkinson’s disease. We want to stress that we are talking about a remarkable life-changing improvement in the debilitating symptoms where they were able to quickly get back into normal lives, even after months of debilitation. To date, billions of dollars have been spent on the search for a treatment for Long-COVID, but to no avail. We believe that by accident, and for the first time we have uncovered a novel mechanism and minimally invasive treatment system that is effective for combating Long-COVID. In our development plan there are 3 stages, the first of which will permit controlled testing and preliminary treatment to commence within 6 months. In the final stages, a medical device to reduce clinical commitment and promote accurate management of disease will be completed within 18 months. We have assessed the cost-effectiveness of our system and we are capable of engaging others while quickly rolling it out on a larger scale.

We have assembled a large portfolio of underlying work on how to effectively treat any circadian based disorder, including Long-COVID, where interrupted circadian function is the underlying cause. A systematic review of our underlying 26 years of work and its application to the Long-COVID problem will reveal the thorough scientific underpinning of our novel approach. It is our end to continue the full development of this novel treatment that will have a significant impact on improving quality of life and productivity in Long-COVID patients while significantly reducing the burden on healthcare and workforce sectors that emerged from the COVID 19 pandemic.

Stay tuned for the progress of our work in this area and will be pleased to talk to all interested parties about our progress.

Dr Gregory L Willis
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