The Bronowski Institute of Behavioural Neuroscience

The Bronowski Clinic

The Bronowski Institute runs a clinic in Woodend, Victoria. We have provided the Purpose and Objectives of the Clinic, as well as information on our staff there.

Contact details of the Institute and the Location of the Clinic.


The Bronowski Clinic
40 Davy St
Woodend, 3442
VIC, Australia
Dr. Greg Willis
+61 407 477 733 International
0407 477 733 Australia
+61 3 5427 1494 International
(03) 5427 1494 Australia
+61 3 5422 6830 International
(03) 5422 6830 Australia

Clinical Support and its Ongoing Development

Consistent with the charter of the Bronowski Institute of Behavioural Neuroscience the staff of the Bronowski Clinic is devoted to disseminating their knowledge and experience to improve the quality of life in people with Parkinson’s disease. To achieve this we provide or are developing the following professional support for doctors and clinicians in their clinical practice of treating the disorder.


Provide advice on strategic light use in combination with dopamine replacement. Factors such as time, frequency and duration of treatment as well as crucial drug combinations and total drug burden that patients can tolerate. Critical adjuvant drug therapies and methods for titrating and titrating withdrawal strategies when using light as a parallel treatment.



To provide information as to the drugs and doses of drugs which interfere with the therapeutic effect of the light used in photopharmacological approach.



To provide advice as to the best management practices for the comorbidities of anxiety, depression and insomnia as a parallel when implementing the photopharmacological approach to treating Parkinson’s disease.



To advise as to the features and effects of light overdosing and provide a profile and consequences of light and drug overdosing in sensitive patients.



To provide a strategy for treating drug overdosing phenomena with strategic drug titration withdrawal strategies that will negate the need for invasive forms of surgical intervention.



To complete a Clinician’s Manual describing the key elements in using the photopharmacological method to safely and effectively treat Parkinson’s disease and its comorbidities.



To provide a description for a long term method for the application of the Photopharmacological approach to slow or stop the progressive degeneration of the disease.


  • Coliban Medical Centre
  • 19 Jennings Street
  • Kyneton VIC 3444 Australia
  • Public Liaison Officer (General Enquiries)
  • Jane Holth
  • 03 5427 1741 |
  • The Bronowski Clinic Consulting Rooms
  • 40 Davy Street
  • Woodend VIC 3442 Australia